19-years in prison for Flemish paedophile "Pieter 0167"

A court in Antwerp has sentenced a 60-year-old paedophile to 19-years imprisonment. The man was the subject of a documentary made by the VRT’s current affairs programme ‘Panorama’ that was broadcast last Sunday evening. The documentary was entitled “Pieter 0167”, his online pseudonym.

The man who worked as a financial advisor has not only been given a long prison sentence, but he has also been stripped of his civil rights for 20 years. After his release he will remain under the supervision of the sentencing court for a further 15 years.

The court in Antwerp found the man guilty of a series of sexual offences against minors in Cambodia and the Philippines. His own foster daughters were among his victims. He filmed the abuses and shared the films with other paedophiles. He also made a Pilipino abuse her own grandchildren on camera.

"Pieter 0167" was in possession of some 700 gigabytes of child pornography. He had been collecting images and films of child sex abuse for the past 15 years. The court ordered his immediate detention. "Pieter 0167” was not present in the court and his barrister requested that the case be dismissed.

However, the presiding judge said that the offences committed were of a very serious nature. He added that the accused had no control over himself or his actions and had shown absolutely no remorse. The judge also argued that the man had used his money and power to adopt children with the intention of abusing them.

Furthermore he had been given chances to receive treatment for his problem, but had refused it.