Flemings struggling to take up all their holidays

Over four out of ten Flemings are unable to take all the holiday that is due to them and transfer the remaining days to the following year each December fresh research shows us. The average employee is still stuck with three days of holiday at the end of the year.
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Many Flemings are struggling to take up all the holiday due to them. A fifth are even stuck with five days at the end of the year. 4% of Flemings transfer ten days of holiday to the following year each December.

So far researchers have been unable to discover why Flemings are having such a hard time scheduling their holiday. Suggestions that Flemish people are handed too much holiday are being pooh-poohed here. Maybe the Flemings are not as well organised as they often think they are.

The point of holidays is not being disputed. Kristel Bracke, who was involved in the research, says holidays can help to reduce stress and avoid burn-outs: "If need be superiors have to step in and stop staff from keeping on postponing their holidays!"