France "surprised" by Belgian border checks

The French Foreign Minister Bernard Cazeneuve says he is surprised by the extra border checks the Belgian authorities have installed along the border with northern France. The Belgian government is afraid refugees from the big camp in Calais, which is expected to be dismantled, will flee to Belgium. But Cazeneuve says that part of these refugees came from Belgium in the first place.

Cazeneuve says France hadn't been informed about the increased Belgian border checks. "When you take such a decision, you can engage in dialogue first, and inform the country involved. This hasn't happened."

While Belgium is afraid refugees will come to Belgium from France, Cazeneuve says that "the traffic is busy in the other direction", since many refugees are entering France coming from Germany, taking a route through Belgium or crossing the border with France directly.

The Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon says that Belgium followed all necessary procedures to inform Europe and France. He insists that the checks are necessary.