Winter 2015 exceptionally mild, sunny and wet

Figures from the Belgian Met Office show that last winter was exceptionally mild. Average temperature stood at 6.4° Celsius.

The figures cover the period from 1 December until the end of February. The usual average temperature is 3.6° Celsius. The Met Office says that last winter's average was so exceptional it would only occur once a decade.

Last winter was the second mildest on record. Only in 2007 was a higher average recorded: 6.6° Celsius.

Last winter the sun shone for 227 hours compared to the usual average of 179 hours. 2015 was the fourth sunniest winter since 1981.

Abnormally high levels of rainfall were recorded: 301.3 mm. The normal average is 220.5 mm making it the fourth wettest winter on record. It rained on 63 different days.