Road conditions in Flanders: good and bad news

The road surface quality of motorways in Flanders has improved in recent years, at least according to motorists. However, there is still work to be done on regional roads and trunk roads, a poll by the Flemish mobility organisation VAB shows.

The VAB has released the results of its 3-yearly so-called 'road barometer'. 65 percent of Flemish motorists say they are happy with the general state of the motorways, compared to 54 percent 3 years ago. A lot has been invested in motorways in recent years, and this is paying off.

It's a different story for regional roads. Only 52 percent of the drivers is happy with driving comfort, a fall of no less than 21 percent compared to 2013. The problem is that some roads are being resurfaced or that potholes are being filled, but that the result is often below par.

The main complaints, also for motorways, are about visibility in bad weather conditions, or at night. Road markings could be better, and not enough has been invested in motorways after it was decided to permanently switch off the lights during the night on motorway sections outside interchanges, to improve visibility in the dark, Joni Junes of the VAB explains.