Should Dutch have shared information after all?

There has been an unexpected twist in the saga of the information about the criminal background of the El Bakraoui brothers, the suicide bombers at Zaventem and Maalbeek metro station.

The Dutch justice minister Van der Steur now says that the information that was not shared with the Belgian authorities came from the New York police department. Earlier the Dutch premier Mark Rutte insisted that the information came from the FBI and had originally come from the Belgian authorities meaning that it was not necessary to share this information with the Belgians.

Questions are now being raised about whether or not this information from the Intelligence Division of the New York police department should have been shared with Belgium.

The information was sent to the Netherlands without mentioning the source and this is why the Dutch authorities initially thought it came from the FBI. The Dutch justice minister has still to establish why the New York police department sent to information to the Netherlands.