“Leave your handbags and rucksacks at home”

The Chairman of the Federation of Music Festival in Flanders and Governor of East Flanders Jan Briers has called on those planning to attend one of the multitude of summer music festivals in our region to leave their handbags and rucksacks at home. With terror threat level 3 (A serious terrorist threat) Mr Briers will meet with the organisers of the big summer festivals on Monday to discuss what security measures they intend to take.

Earlier this week OCAD, the official Belgian body that analyses the threat in Belgium decided that for the time being at least the terror threat level should remain at 3. Mr Briers told the VRT’s rock station Studio Brussel that "This means that extra measures will need to be taken at festivals”.

On Monday Mr Briers will meet with the organisers of Rock Werchter, Tomorowland and Graspop to talk security.
"A lot of efforts are already being made to ensure security. On Monday we will look at where and how extra measures can be taken.”

"For example, leaving handbags and rucksacks at home, yes. This is a measure that is already in force at various football grounds. It will become apparent whether this will really be necessary during Monday’s meeting.”

Not binding

Even if Monday’s meeting decides that bags should be banned from festival, any advice given won’t be binding.

"On Monday we will draw up a list of suggestions for
the 200 or so festivals that there are in Flanders. It will be up to the organisers themselves to decide together with the local Mayo rand the police which security measures they intend to take.