Facts and figures about the Ghent Flower Festival

Thursday 21 April marks the start of the 35th Ghent Floraliën Flower Festival. The plant and flower show attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the East Flemish city. This time around the Floraliën will be held at 4 sites in the centre of Ghent rather than in the Flanders Expo exhibition centre to the south of the city. Here you will find some facts and figures about Flanders’ biggest flower show.

How big is the Floraliën?

• 9,500 m² exhibition space
• 50,000 m² of greenery (the exhibits, plus parks and walks)
• 305 exhibitors
• 82 growers
• 250 staff
• 40 flower/plant islands
• 7 exhibition zones at 4 locations: Bijloke, Leopoldskazerne, Sint-Pietersplein and Citadel Park

What can you see at the Floraliën?

• 85.,72 plants
• 253 kinds of flower/plants
• 7 large trees
• 1.5 km of borders

Fascinating facts

• The smallest plant is just 12 mm high.
• The tallest plant is 12 meter high.
• As well Belgian growers, grower from a number of other countries are also taking part. These include growers from the United States, Canada, Japan and China.

• One exhibitor has been attending the Foraliën for 46 years.
• The oldest plants are 26 years old
• The youngest participant at the Floraliën is just 3 years old, the oldest is 79.