EU Referendum: Brits in Belgium can vote!

Many UK nationals living in Belgium will get an opportunity to vote in Britain's In/out referendum on membership of the European Union. Britons living in Belgium and wanting to vote should register in good time, because the deadline for registration is approaching fast.

Only UK nationals who have been registered to vote in the UK during the past 15 years can take part in the referendum. They should register as an overseas elector making the eligible to vote in UK parliamentary elections, UK-wide referendums and elections for the European Parliament.

UK citizens in Belgium need to apply to vote by 16 May 2016. Once registered they should apply to vote by post or proxy in order to be able to vote from outside the UK. Following registration you will be able to vote to ensure that the UK either remains in or leaves the EU.

The registration process should only take 15 minutes and can be completed by going to

Please hold your passport handy!

Note the registration needs to be renewed every year!