"Enough time wasted on Brussels pedestrian zone renovation"

The Brussels Mobility and Public Transport Minister Pascal Smet (Flemish socialist) and his SP.A colleague and Brussels alderwomen Ans Persoons have lashed out against the Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur (Francophone socialist) and minister Didier Reynders (Francophone liberal), urging them to speed up the renovation process for the pedestrian zone.

The new pedestrian area on the central Anspach Avenue was introduced last summer. The avenue was closed for motorised traffic, but renovation works were planned to brighten up the whole area. However, nothing much has happened, almost a year after the introduction.

"The Brussels government already gave 3 million euros to Beliris for the refurbishing. This commission, in which representatives of both the federal and the Brussels level are meeting, has had the right paperwork for 4 months", Smet told De Standaard and Le Soir.

When the works would finally start ("as soon as possible, and in different phases"), the SP.A proposed not to start at both ends of the area, the Brouckère Square and Fontainas, as originally planned, but to kick off centrally at the Beurs. "This is the heart of Brussels, especially after the attacks. Begin there first. And make it a double or triple shift, around the clock, if necessary." 

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