"This doesn't mean employees can do what they like at work"

A survey conducted by the National Union of the Self-employed (NSZ) reveals the pet hates of Belgian employers. They include employees using their smartphone and showing insufficient respect to others at work. Employers don't like employees calling in sick too often either.

21% of employers are irritated by smartphone use. 17% are irked by employees that are too often concerned with private matters at work.

NSZ's Christine Mattheeuws: "Employers don't mind people using a smartphone if you can get hold of them after hours and who don't mind working from time to time, but this doesn't hold for employees who merely work their hours."

"For certain types of worker work and private life may be becoming more and more entwined, but this doesn't mean employees can do as they like at work. Employers feel this is time theft and also theft of money."

Employers also get irritated by employees who call in sick too often. They aren't worried about people who are really sick, but employees who routinely take a day off or have the Monday illness.