Baggage handlers walk out at Zaventem

A stoppage by staff at Aviapartner is leading to problems both for passengers leaving and arriving at Brussels Airport. Aviapartner is one of two luggage handlers at the airport.

Aviapartner staff were refusing to load and unload planes preventing flights from taking off. Aviapartner is used by carriers including Jetair, Etihad, SAS and Qatar Airways. The baggage handlers are unhappy with working conditions following the March attacks. They speak of poor organisation with regard to temporary unemployment and a lack of respect for the workforce. Staff complain about staff shortages and the failure to make certain payments. A mistake on wage slips triggered the wildcat strike.

Trades unionist Kurt Callaerts: "There are mistakes involving the number of days worked and that has a knock-on effect on other payments. Transport costs haven't been refunded either."

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