Dozens of people unwell: Dinant campsite evacuated

A campsite in the Walloon municipality of Dinant was evacuated late on Sunday after 75 people were suffering from symptoms of food poisoning. Four persons had to go to hospital. The campsite was closed and this remains so until the cause of the problems has been found.
(archive picture Dinant)

It started yesterday evening, when a couple of children became ill. Emergency services next received various calls in a short period of time. Patients all reported the same symptoms: they had to throw up, had stomach ache and fever.

A temporary field hospital was installed to be able to supply medical aid on the spot. 5 children were taken to hospital because they were in a bad way. As the campsite was evacuated, 35 residents were offered accommodation in a nearby sports hall or hotel. Two nurses were standby the whole night with them to monitor their condition.

The campsite, "Camping de Villatoile", will remain closed until the cause of the problem has been discovered. However, this can take between 24 and 72 hours. Experts have no idea yet what may have caused the indisposition. There are talks of contaminated tap water, but this cannot be confirmed yet.