Royal bodyguards hospitalised after street brawl

Two royal bodyguards ended up in hospital after a street brawl with a group of youths. The incident happened during the Whitsun weekend in the town of Rochefort, in the Ardennes. The bodyguards, all police officers from the Federal Police Royal Protection Corps, were on a break from their duties guarding the King, Queen and their children at nearby Ciergnon Castle, the royal family’s country retreat.
Nicolas Lambert

According to an article in Wednesday's edition of the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ The trigger for the violence was an exchange between one of the body guards and a youth that was allegedly drunk.

The youth had made a comment about the Royal Protection Officers’ suits to which one of the Royal Protection Officers replied that the youth’s trousers were wet and that in future he would better off going to the toilet in time.

A fight ensued and the three other Royal Protection Officers went to the aid of their colleague. However, the youth’s friends also joined in and soon it was 15 against 4. Two of the Royal Protection Officers were hospitalised.

The Royal Household has said in a statement that the incident was in no way linked to their professional activities.
Crime reports have been drafted and the Namur Judicial Authorities have opened an investigation.