Latest political poll is blow for the N-VA

If Belgium would stage elections now, the Flemish nationalists of N-VA would lose a lot of ground, while far-right Vlaams Belang would make a spectacular progress (compared to the previous elections). At least, this is according to a poll carried out by the commercial TV station VTM, Het Laatste Nieuws, RTL and Le Soir. This being said, the N-VA would still hold a comfortable lead as Flanders' biggest party.

Bart De Wever's N-VA would fetch some 24 percent of the votes. This is a fall of a quarter compared to the federal elections in May 2014, when they had 32 percent. The Flemish Christian democrats would also lose ground, dropping to 13.8 percent coming from more than 18.

Opposition parties such as the Flemish socialists (SP.A) and greens are generally doing well. However, the big winners would be far-right Vlaams Belang, who would climb to 13.9 percent and thus become Flanders' third party, behind the Flemish nationalists and the SP.A. However, an error margin of 3 percent has to be taken into account, which makes it difficult to determine which party would be second, third or fourth - the differences are small behind the gap left by leaders N-VA.

In Wallonia, the two biggest blocks - the liberals of Premier Charles Michel (MR) and the socialists (PS) who are on the opposition benches - both lose a lot of ground. The biggest gains are being made by the far-left PTB, jumping from 5.5 to 13.5 percent.