Terror victims remembered at Royal Palace ceremony

Members of the Federal Government, the Royal Family, the speakers of the regional and language community parliaments and the Prime Ministers of the regions and language communities joined the relatives of those that died in a remembrance ceremony for the victims of the 22nd March attacks on Sunday morning.

The ceremony was held at the Royal Palace in Brussels.
The names of the 32 victims were read out and a relative placed a flower for their loved one in what was an emotionally moving scene.

Eddy Van Calster who lost his wife Fabienne Van Steenkiste was just one of a number of people that made moving speeches about the aftermath of 22 March.

"It is likely that the original values that I would like to remember have become alien to many. Indeed how much value does society still attach to wisdom and insight?

Kristin Verellen lost her husband Johan Van Steen. "I was in two minds for a long time as to whether I would speak. The fact that I am here speaking is because we should never forget that what has happened was terrible. So terrible that it is difficult to think about it for any length of time. Even though we might wish to we can’t run away from it or turn back time. What we can do is make sure we put the time we have to good use”.

The King and the Prime Minister’s comments can be heard in the video footage published here on our site.