Why has the Belgian civil servant gone on strike?

Chris Reniers, the head of the socialist public sector union, has defended Tuesday's strike action calling for serious social talks, for serious modifications to be made to the government's austerity programme and for the government to take account of the grievances of employees.
Nicolas Maeterlinck

Chris Reniers: "The situation in the public sector is slowly becoming untenable as a result of repeated savings' drives. Cuts are affecting both staff numbers and the means at our disposal. Public services are being threatened. People feel that they are losing their grip. They can't do their job properly."

"Add to this repeated attacks on public sector pensions, the spending power of the civil servant, wages and working conditions. People feel the impact every day. Different policies are needed that provide a future perspective for public services."

Chris Reniers denies that this is a political strike aimed at the government: "This is a strike against our employer, the government. Just like in the private sector we have to ensure that people get a better public service."