Verhofstadt warns Brits: "Out is out!"

The leader of the liberal fraction in European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, had a clear message to British voters just 5 days before the Brexit referendum. Speaking in the VRT news show 'De Zevende Dag' Verhofstadt said that Europe's reaction on the outcome should be assertive: "Out is out", he added.

Verhofstadt admits that Europe does not work well in its present form, but argues that it would be stupid to pull out because of this. According to Verhofstadt, the EU should be turned into a union that really works: not a European Commission of 28 commissioners, but a smaller kind of governing body consisting of only 12 members, boasting its own border patrol guards and army.

Whatever the outcome of the referendum may be, the EU should take an assertive position, Verhofstadt demands. If they stay, they cannot renegotiate terms again, and they have to accept the framework worked out with David Cameron earlier, the former Belgian PM argues. This means they can't stop the EU from going towards an ever closer union (without them). "But out is out", the ALDE floor speaker said: no new negotiations will follow.