Michel wants Brexit clarity: "Uncertainty is not an option"

The Belgian PM Charles Michel told the VRT's radio programme 'De Ochtend' this morning that he demands clarity on the British intentions and the future European project. He is not planning to have Belgium suffer for the Brexit. "20 percent of the companies located in Britain is planning to move. If they do so, it's better to have them come to Belgium rather than, for example, the Netherlands", Michel said.

Michel was speaking just hours before a European summit in Brussels. The Belgian PM sees one main challenge for the first summit meeting with David Cameron since the British referendum: we should quickly have clarity, in the interest of the economy and the European Union.

"It's not possible to wait for months without having any clarity because this may trigger instability in Britain, and a political soap opera in the European Union." Michel added that "uncertainty is not an option. I will press for clarity at the European summit. We need an agreement with the British as soon as possible. Now, I mainly want to defend Belgium's economic interests."

Michel also repeated what he said earlier, i.e. that he is not planning to have Belgium pay the bill. "20 percent of the companies in Britain are planning to move. In that case, I'd rather have them come to Belgium than go to the Netherlands. We shouldn't take a provocative stand, but I am not planning to have Belgium pay the Brexit bill."