Belgium sees highest inflation rate in euro zone

Last June, Belgium had the highest inflation rate of the whole euro zone. Inflation was at 1.8 percent last month, up 0.2 percent on the month and up 0.9 percent on the year. The inflation for the euro zone as a whole, was at 0.1 percent (on the year), a slight improvement after two months of negative inflation.

It's the 8th month running that Belgium has the highest inflation rate within the euro zone, and within the European Union as a whole, the statistics agency Eurostat said in a statement.

Inflation was at 0.0 percent in the EU, and at 0.1 percent in the euro zone. Belgium tops the European inflation rankings, followed by Sweden (+1.2 percent) and Malta (+1.0). Cyprus had the biggest negative inflation (-2.0), followed by Bulgaria (-1.9) and Croatia (-1.2). Life actually became cheaper in these countries, which may be good news for consumers, but it's not good news for the local economy.