City of Antwerp acquires special "police tanks"

"Antwerp police have ordered special police tanks to avoid this kind of thing (i.e. an attack like in Nice)", Antwerp Burgomaster Bart De Wever has announced. "When we have fireworks in Antwerp, we will close the streets with this kind of tank to avoid someone driving into the crowd."

"It's hard to understand how the Nice tragedy could happen", De Wever told the VRT's regional radio station Radio 2 Antwerpen. "When we stage fireworks in Antwerp, we close the streets. No vehicle can drive into the crowd."

At present, tanks of the federal police are taking care of this, but Antwerp will have similar vehicles of its own as from 2017. "We ordered two police tanks and a special intervention vehicle", De Wever explains. "These are tough obstacles that can't be moved, and they can resist war ammunition."

De Wever says that terrorism can never be excluded, "but each event will see the proper measures".