Flemish government tinkers with electricity charge

Flemish energy minister Bart Tommelein has good news for people heating on electricity. The Flemish government is slashing the new electricity charge for everybody using between 20 and 25Mwh a year.

Mr Tommelein believes that "practically everybody" heating on electricity will benefit from the reduction.

The electricity charge is being introduced to tackle debts piled up in the past in the energy sector as a result of the oversubsidising of solar panels. For the average consumer the charge will total 100 euros. People consuming between 20 and 25 Mwh per annum will now only pay 290 euros in charge instead of 770 euros before the changes. The 2.3 million households who consume less than 20 Mwh will see no change. The same goes for people using over 25 Mwh.