Belgian holidaymakers facing delays on return from UK

Flemish and Belgian holiday makers are having to contend with unanticipated misery as they return home from the UK. Waiting times to reach the English port of Dover and board the ferry rose to up to 14 hours this weekend the BBC reports.

Lengthy queues materialised after the French authorities introduced stricter border checks in the wake of the Nice attack. Border posts are reportedly understaffed and the French officials are clearly overwhelmed by the large volume of holiday traffic including many Flemish people who are returning home after a break in the UK.Trips to Britain have become far more affordable since the UK voted to leave the EU and the subsequent drop in the value of the pound sterling made prices there more competitive. The hassle is also affecting Britons living in Belgium returning home from a trip to the UK.

By Sunday morning the British broadcaster BBC was reporting that UK officials were to assist with French border checks that are conducted on English soil before people travel to the continent. The UK government announced that UK Border Force staff would assist French border police with checks at Dover in a bid to clear the backlog.

Holidaymakers are currently experiencing over 4 hour delays on the roads followed by a 2 hour wait at the port of Dover prior to embarkation.

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