VRT and government websites offline for several hours

Technical problems disrupted internet traffic for several hours late on Tuesday. The problems hit almost all government websites, those of universities and also the news sites of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT. The problems have been solved now.
McPHOTO / INSADCO / Bilderbox

The disruptions were situated at Belnet, the Belgian ICT network for research aims which is being used by universities, research centres and public services.

"This was not a cyber attack"

The problems started around 10pm last night and continued for 4 hours. The network was re-established around 2 last night, and connectivity was fully restored around 5.30 this morning.

Belnet said that they "know what caused the disruption" and promise to tackle the problem thoroughly. They explained that was purely a technical issue and not a cyber-attack, but more details were not supplied.