Town Hall evacuated due to suspect letter

The Town Hall in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Joost-ten-Node was been evacuated after an envelope containing a suspect substance and a letter making threats to Sint-Joost-ten-Node’s Mayor Emir Kir (Francophone socialist) was opened there on Friday morning. The special anti-anthrax procedure was followed as soon as the letter was opened.

Pierre Meys of the Brussels Fire Service told the Brussels regional news website that "A letter containing a suspect powder has been found at Sint-Joost Town Hall”. The special anthrax procure was initiated straight away.

"This involves the disposal of the powder in a special bin. Teams from the Military Hospital and the Civil Defence Corp also attend the scene.”

"Four people came into contact with the suspect letter. They are now in the care of a medical team”, Mr Meys added.

Meanwhile, the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF has published a photograph on its website said to be of part of the letter send to Mr Kir, a Francophone sociaist politician with Turkish roots.

The letter reads “You had better watch out if you don’t go back to your Hitler-friend Erdogan”.

In a reaction Mr Kir told RTBF that he often receives threats. However, "xenophobia is on the rise. If it isn’t the Moroccan community that’s targeted, like with the whole issue surrounding the reactions to the death of that young man from Limburg, then it’s the Turkish community.”