"Are you sure?" 20% regret their tattoo later

An estimated 500,000 professional tattoos are being placed in Belgium each year. However, it turns out that 1 in 5 owners regret their decision at a later stage. The national Health Council is starting a campaign to make people more aware of the consequences.

The Health Council wants people to think it over before making their final decision, and to avoid impulsive behaviour. Spokeswoman Wendy Lee explains that "there are also certain health risks involved, and not every employer is keen on staff with visible tattoos".

"We have nothing against tattoos as such, but we just want to provide enthusiasts with all the information they need to make a good, sensible decision", Lee adds. The campaign "Are you sure?" is concentrating on summer festivals now. People can go inside a mobile lounge to chat with experts and to get acquainted with the machines used for the engraving process.

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