Agreement on Ford Genk site masterplan

The Flemish Government, the City of Genk (Limburg) and the other parties around the table have reached agreement on a masterplan for the Ford Genk site. The car factory closed for good in December 2014. It is hoped than in time the masterplan will lead to the creation of 2,500 new jobs at the site.

In December it will bet wo years since Ford’s Genk car factory closed. Around 6,000 people lost their jobs either at the factory itself or at one of the factory’s suppliers. More than a third of those that lost their jobs are still out of work.

The site will now be split into three zones, each with its own characteristics. Zone one in the West of the site will be given over to greenery, water and public open space. Zone B, 40 hectares on the North of site will be given over to manufacturing industry and logistics. Zone C, next to the Albert Canal, will be given over to companies active in water-related industries.

When selecting the companies that will get units on the Ford Genk site efforts will be made to ensure that the new companies are complimentary to companies already in the area. The aim is also to ensure that companies that come to the site bring long term employment.

Participation Company Flanders has now started searching for a partner to help develop zones A and B.
Zone C will be developed by NV De Scheepvaart.