Pokémon Go: "Let's not dramatise the disruption"

Mayors in several Flemish municipalities have taken action to limit the disruption caused by people playing the Pokémon Go game on their smartphones. The Association of Cities and Municipalities has recognised that Pokémon Go is increasingly causing problems, but does not want to dramatise the hassle caused.

The game allows players to hunt for virtual Pokémon figures in streets and parks. Some hunters have been known to litter and display rowdy behaviour as they all head for the same destination. Hazardous car parking too has been reported.

In some localities the disruption has triggered action. The Mayor of Vorselaar in Antwerp Province has asked the people behind the game to remove a Pokémon chargestone cave from the local chapel as it was causing trouble.

According to the association’s Koen van Heddeghem mayors are only sparked to action when there are major problems. Some have taken preventative action. Others consulted with the game operator. Koen van Heddeghem insists common sense can offer resolve many of the problems. He believes problems will decrease after the new school year starts.