Belgian dies on Russian mountain in Caucasus

A Belgian tourist died during the ascent of Mt. Elbrus in the northern Caucasus. The woman's partner, who also formed part of the expedition and experienced difficulty too, could be rescued, but sustained injuries.
RIA Novosti

The two climbers were injured at an altitude of 5,200 metres. They formed part of a group of 14 climbers who were accompanied by five guides. At 5,642 metres Mt. Elbrus is a stratovolcano in the Greater Caucasus and is the highest mountain in the continent of Europe.

A local official confirmed: "The injured man was evacuated at 18:45 local time."

Doctors immediately provided treatment. The group that the Belgians formed part of had been registered with the Russian authorities. The Russian press agency TASS says that this was the second such accident in the area in 24 hours. Earlier a Spanish national died.