Expat couple commit exam fraud at Leuven University

Leuven University intends to file a complaint with the judicial authorities in connection with an expat couple who committed exam fraud and impersonation at the oldest university north of the Alps. A male graduate completed the exams of his female partner for a considerable length of time.

It was a university guard who recently sounded the alarm. Handwriting was compared and experts came to the conclusion that the woman student's alleged copy was in fact written by a former student, her partner.

How long exactly the fraud has been going on for is unclear. KU Leuven's Antoon Boon told VRT News: "We went back in time as far as we could. Exam copy is destroyed when it can no longer be contested. We have established that the fraud took place this year and last."

KU Leuven hasn't divulged what the student was studying but the fraud occurred at a campus outside the city of Leuven.

Antoon Boon: "Because of the large numbers in Leuven there are strict ID checks. At smaller centres outside Leuven this is not the case. We have now requested stricter checks there too."

The female student is now banned from registering at the university for several years.

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