“N-VA was, is and remains a Flemish nationalist party”

The Leader of the Flemish nationalist party N-VA Bart De Wever has issued a call for party unity. He did so in an open letter published on the party’s website on Thursday morning. Mr De Wever’s open letter comes a day after the federal MP Hendrik Vuye and Veerle Wouters resigned from party as they had doubts about its commitment to greater Flemish autonomy and confederalism.
Jasper Jacobs

“Working towards federalism” is the title of Mr De Wever’s letter, in which he tries to convince the party faithful of N-VA’s continuing commitment to its Flemish ,nationalist credentials.

"For anyone that doubted it N-VA was, is and remains a Flemish nationalist party. From our inception we have strived for greater Flemish autonomy and have been able to convince more and more Flemings election after election”.

A question of strategy

Mr De Wever writes that confederalism "the next step”. In order to achieve this a strategic approach is required.

“Make the Francophones become the requesting party. The only way we can make this possible is by using the power that the Flemish voters have given us”

"We implement policies that are good for Flanders. Policies that Flemings have been asking for years. It’s not for nothing that Laurent Onkelinkx (Francophone socialist) talks of “Flemishfication”. Sooner or later the situation will become untenable for the PS (Francophone socialist party). Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

However, Mr De Wever doesn’t put a date on when confederalism will come, but he stresses that it will come.

In an interview with VRT News Mr De Wever defends his handling of the dispute with the federal MPs Hendrik Vuye and Veerle Wouters. At the same time he admits his responsibility for what went wrong.

"The is the first time in history of the party that something like this has happened and as leader I carry the responsibility for everything including this.”

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