"Belgium 100% on sustainable energy by 2050"

All electricity generated in Belgium could come from sustainable sources by 2050. That's according to a study by the Dutch research bureau CE DELFT at the request of a number of environmental organisations. Moreover, 50 percent of these power supplies could be generated by members of the public, individually or via group investments, the so-called "prosumer" potential.

At present, Belgium is spending 20 billion euros per year to import energy from abroad. This shouldn't be necessary, the Dutch report states. The government should take up its responsibility, but citizens can also play a bigger role through cooperation projects between producers and consumers, the so-called prosumer investments in solar and wind energy for example. 

2 in 3 Belgians should generate sustainable energy in way or another. At present, some 100,000 Belgians are taking part in prosumer projects. The study shows there is still a lot of potential left, but for that purpose administrative barriers should be lifted.

At the same time, the government should give the signal that it will abandon nuclear energy in the long run, in order to boost the citizens' confidence in sustainable sources.

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