Alternative punishment for 18-year-old after bomb hoax

A Mechelen court has ordered an 18-year-old youth to perform 80 hours of community service after he had caused a fake bomb alert in a school in Mechelen. The school had demanded 17,500 euros in compensation claiming its image had been dented, but this demand was not met.
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The incident happened in November 2015. Local police for the Willebroek-Mechelen area received a message: "Terror attack imminent, get all children from school." Police managed to trace down the caller via his PrePaid card. The 18-year-old was taken in for questioning and confessed.

His call came just one day after 4 other school grounds had been evacuated due to a bomb alert. "In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, and considering the climate of fear at that time, this act was a very despicable one", he argued.

The now 19-year-old culprit has the choice between an 8-month sentence or 80 hours of community work, but will nog doubt opt for the latter. The youngster had no criminal record.

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