Belgians warm to wellness

The Belgian wellness sector is booming! Over the past five years the number of wellness centres in Belgium ballooned by a fifth. The National Union of Independent Professionals says that clever businesspeople have clocked an opportunity.
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Over 4,300 businesses were active in the wellness industry by the end of last year. The figure is up 26% compared with 2010.

Somewhat optimistically the small businesses organisation notes: "Today practically everybody visits a spa, a sauna or a solarium. A decade ago this was still a rather exclusive activity."

"In today's society where everything is a rush, where you can be reached all the time on your smartphone, visiting a wellness centre or a sauna is a rare moment of peace during which you cannot be contacted. Clever businesspeople have jumped on the wellness bandwagon because they realise there is a hole in the market."

The union does sound a warning: people starting a wellness venue today will have to be creative and offer something original as there are already so many different versions on offer.

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