"Brexit is an historic mistake"

The Belgian leader Charles Michel has said that the UK has made an historic mistake in deciding to quit the EU. Mr Michel was fielding questions from Chinese businesspeople with operations in several EU member states.

Though Mr Michel was chiefly in China to promote Belgian business and Chinese investment here, it soon emerged that Chinese business leaders were most eager to learn what the Belgian's views were on the impact Brexit will have on the economy. Mr Michel hailing from the EU decision-making centre Brussels was clearly seen as a privileged witness.

Mr Michel added that it would be above all the British economy that would feel the ramifications of the UK exiting the EU. Reporting from the gathering that took place during PM Michel's visit to Beijing the financial daily De Tijd writes that the Belgian leader conceded that London was important, but added that Brussels too was an important centre. De Tijd reports that during his exposé the Belgian leader pointed to a raft of structural reforms in Belgium including the tax shift away from taxes on labour.

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