Why Trump is the next US president!

"Belgian media do not represent an honest and accurate portrait of Donald Trump." Speaking is Mike Kulbickas, the Belgium Chair of Republicans Overseas, in Brussels. Flandersnews quizzed him on Election Night of the American Club of Brussels, when the counting of the votes in the United States was still underway. "Trump is talking to the people and they are listening."

Mike Kulbickas is the President of Republicans Overseas and was about the only Republican to be found in the election event in the Brussels Marriott on Tuesday night. This made it a very busy night for him, as he had to do the Republican talking.

Mike is behind Trump, though he has mixed feelings. "The language and the approach that Mr Trump used was unprecedented. It was a new way of communicating without respect of traditions and norms, very vulgar, insulting and not very attractive."

"Maybe he didn't even have a real campaign but just a bunch of speeches. He maybe has no ground game, but he is talking to the people and people are listening. And this really is the bottom line of politics."

"Trump's talk is effective"

And there is more. Trump's talk is "extremely effective, and it showed the weakness of the candidates in the face of bullying. So if you can't stand up to a guy who is a bully like Trump, I don't see how you can stand up to a guy like Putin. That's the bottom line."

Kulbickas says the Republicans are very frustrated about a candidate like Clinton, "who is guilty of so many crimes. She should be disqualified from the presidency, but she is so well protected by the press and the powers of the government."

"I think the Belgian media are 100% against Mr Trump"

Kulbickas says the Belgian press is "extremely biased." "They do not represent an honest and accurate portrait of Mr Trump. I think they are 100% against him." He thinks the European culture is just completely different from the American one. 

Asked about an example of how the media made a wrong representation, he says "I would never support a racist. And I don't think that he is a racist. A lot of his statements are taken out of context. He has said unfortunate things, but they have been misinterpreted."

"There is very little attempt on the part of the European media to understand the phenomenon. It's not so much about Mr Trump, it's about the people who support him."

"Ted Cruz would lead Clinton by 15 percent"

This being said, Donald Trump is not Mike's choice. "Actually, he was my last choice in the primaries." Or last but one: "Paul Rand I could never support, but anyone else I would have supported before Trump. Many Republicans aren't sure he is even a Republican."

"He is partly conservative, partly Republican, but also partly Democrat and partly populist. He is a non-politician. He is something close to a citizen politician. That's a new thing. It's actually an old thing, but today it's a new thing."

Kulbickas' personal choice would have been Scott Walker (the governor of Wisconsin, red.) "but he wasn't able to prepare fast enough. I like Ted Cruz as well. He would have been a great President. If he would have been running, he would have been 15 points ahead of Hillary Clinton."

"Trumps understands about money and business more than Clinton ever could"

Asked about Trump's policies, Mike says there's a small glimmer of hope. "The number one thing is that he could make good nominations to the Supreme Court."

"His economic policies would be much more intelligent than Clinton's. The economy of the U.S. right now is a disaster. Trump understands more about money and business than Mrs Clinton ever could. He is an experienced businessman. I think he will tackle the corporate tax rate. And he will try to get economic growth above 3 percent. We haven't seen that under Obama, and that's very unusual."

"Businesses are leaving in droves"

Mike Kulbickas slams Obama's foreign policies - "decline and retreat and the loss of American influence"- and thinks Clinton will continue this line. That is why Europe should be concerned if Clinton wins, because they will have to do more, as they will be left more on their own.

Labour participation is the lowest since the seventies, Kulbickas says. "Black unemployment is at 18 percent. Many are on food stamps."

"The U.S. has become a very inhospitable business environment. Businesses are leaving the U.S. in droves. This will continue under Clinton."

"There would no hope under Clinton"

But will Trump be the best thing that can happen to the U.S.? No, says Kulbickas, but some good things may come out of it. "It was a choice between bad and worse. But the Trump presidency will be a good thing for the country. Under Clinton, there will be no hope. Just a continuation of Obama's bad policies."

In this polarised campaign, did he lose any friends? Kulbickas laughs. "No, they know what my principles are and what I stand for."