Brussels attacks victims to be remembered in the forest

The 32 people who died in the 22 March attacks at Brussels Airport and the Brussels metro, will be remembered with a memorial spot in the Zoniën Forest just east of Brussels, in the form of 32 young birch trees.
(archive picture)

The news was announced by the Brussels Environment Minister Céline Frémault. She has a location in mind which is not far from the Terhulpensesteenweg in Watermaal-Bosvoorde, close to the Tumuli Road.

The concept will be worked out by Bas Smets, a landscape architect, with the inauguration taking place on 21 March next year. Frémault got the idea from friends of one of the victims, who was buried abroad. They said it would be nice to have a concrete location to go to, to remember their friend. The trees will not receive individual names as it will be a collective monument.