Confession in "Murder at the Castle" case bad news for father-in-law

One of the suspects in the case "Murder at the Castle", Pierre Serry, has told detectives that the father-in-law of victim Stijn Saelens, actually gave the order to have his son-in-law killed, it has emerged. The father-in-law has always claimed he only wanted "to teach his son-in-law a lesson."
Victim Stijn Saelens and the castle where he was shot.

The case reads like a whodunit that could have been written by Agatha Christie. The victim, Stijn Saelens, vanished in January 2012. He was nowhere to be found at the castle where he was living in Wingene (West Flanders). It was only later that his body was found on a nearby property that belongs to Pierre Serry, a friend of the father-in-law of the victim.

Serry first refused to talk, but changed his mind later on, when he took a new lawyer. He said that this father-in-law, André Gyselbrecht, ordered him to make him disappear for a while, but not to kill him.

This is also what Gyselbrecht maintains: he wanted to teach his son-in-law a lesson, because he wanted to move abroad and take the kids (his grandchildren) with him. There were also allegations of incest. Gyselbrecht and his daughter, the wife of the victim, wanted to take Saelens to court for this.

Now, it has emerged that Serry made an important adaptation to earlier declarations, saying that Gyselbrecht indeed gave the order to kill the victim. Saelens was shot dead. It is not clear why Serry changed his approach.

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