Vlaams Belang supremos censured following Golden Dawn outing

Two leading far right politicians Filip Dewinter and Anke Van dermeersch are to appeal against their treatment by their far right Vlaams Belang party after it emerged they had visited Greece's far right Golden Dawn.
Archive photo

Together with Jan Penris Filip Dewinter and Anke Van dermeersch travelled to Greece to investigate the refugee crisis. Photos on social media showed a meeting with Golden Dawn officials. Mr Dewinter also held a speech to supporters of what is widely regarded as a neo-Nazi organisation.

On Sunday the Vlaams Belang party leadership decided to throw Anke Van dermeersch off the party leadership. She also loses her job as federal senator representing the Flemish community. Mr Dewinter has been censured.

Mr Dewinter told VRT News: "All this happened in the corridors without those involved being able to give an account of their actions. Apparently people prefer to listen to a set of left wing journalists who orchestrated everything rather than to party leadership members."

The two far right politicians intend to appeal within their party against the sanctions imposed upon them.

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