VAB has handy tips for frozen motorists!

Night time temperatures are set to plummet this week and the Flemish motoring organisation VAB expects it will be kept busy helping motorists to get started in the morning. To help you the organisation is listing a number of handy tips!
© Lehtikuva / Reporters

A difficult start is often due to the battery that is less efficient in cold conditions. When starting your car, turn off all unnecessary users of power: e.g. GPS and heating. Put your lights on only after you have started the engine.

Conserve energy and turn off your rear window heating when it is not needed.

Drivers with low mileage or who only cover short distances are advised to buy a battery charger. This can be used during the weekend and avoids problems on Monday mornings.

If your engine fails to start don't use jumper cables. If used wrongly these can cause serious damage to the electronic systems of the car.

To avoid frozen windscreens, cover windscreens with a mat or piece of cardboard. It's handy to cover the rubber closure on boots and doors with a silicon spray or even Vaseline. This prevents the doors from freezing up.

When parking don't use the handbrake, but park in gear. This prevents the handbrake from freezing up. Turn windscreen wipers off before you turn off your engine.

Always use a plastic scraper when removing ice from windscreens. A hairdryer can be handy to open frozen doors. Don't point the dryer at the windows. Don't pull and tug the doors because the rubber closure may be ruptured. Press down the edge of the doors instead. If the lock is frozen, use a lock defroster. VAB clearly has a sense of humour as it urges drivers not to keep this instrument in your car!