Staff shortages force De Lijn to scrap services

Staff shortages at its Antwerp depots mean that the Flemish public transport company De Lijn is being forced to scrap between 10 and 40 services a day in and around the port city. However, De Lijn denies that it intends to scrap some routes for good in order to accommodate for the shortage. The public transport company says that a new recruitment campaign will be launched in the very near future.

De Lijn intends to recruit 400 bus and tram drivers for its services in Antwerp next year. However, before this is done between 10 and 40 services are being scrapped every day.

Astrid Hulhoven of De Lijn told VRT News that the situation “Is annoying for passengers, but not dramatic”

On average 1,583 bus and tram drivers work on De Lijn’s services in and around Antwerp every day.

"Being a driver is a tough job, a job that is often underestimated”, Ms Hilhoven added. “Another factor is that we face stiff competition for drivers. Drivers are often sought by the private sector and there are other public transport companies that are looking for drivers.”