"EU Oyster card" for Brexit Britons?

Guy Verhofstadt, the Belgian charged with representing the European Parliament in the talks on the UK's departure from the EU, has a special present in store for Britons wishing to retain EU citizenship. Mr Verhofstadt wants Britons to keep the right to EU citizenship even after the UK has left the EU!

Under the proposal labelled "EU season ticket" Britons would be able to retain EU citizenship in return for an annual membership fee. These Britons would then be able to live and work in the EU, travel freely across the zone and even be able to vote in European elections. 'Season ticket' Britons would also enjoy EU consular protection across the globe.

It was Luxembourger Charles Goerens MEP who first came up with the idea. He has now agreed with Mr Verhofstadt that it will be included in the negotiations.

"During the Brexit talks the possibility of EU citizenship for people who threaten to lose it will form part of the talks. It will be discussed when the European Parliament votes its resolution after Article 50 has been activated" Mr Verhofstadt, a former Belgian premier, told newsmen.

How the negotiators hope to implement this proposal is still unclear as are the legal implications of the "season ticket" and whether the proposal can be implemented at all. Numerous have been the Britons to welcome the idea on Twitter.