Hit-and-run killer jailed

A court has sentenced the driver who killed 12-year-old Merel to 5 years in jail. Ten months of the sentence are suspended. The girl was run down while cycling home last year. The motorist fled the scene.

The 21-year-old hit-and-run driver has been banned from driving for life. He is also ordered to pay a 6,600 euro fine. The driver from Schaarbeek in Brussels did not have a driving licence and had only passed his theoretical exam.

Following the crash the driver fled to Hungary only reporting to the police six days later. He had a lorry bring his car to Hungary too.

The judge imposed a lengthier sentence than the one demanded by the public prosecutor. At the time of the crash the driver only held a lapsed temporary licence. He had been banned from driving seven times in the past for not possessing a licence or other infringements.

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