Porn "Made at Belgian interior ministry"

The Belgian interior ministry has suspended a member of staff after the woman made pornographic photographs in the lift at work and in the office of the general director. The woman has already taken her suspension to the council of state, Belgium's highest administrative court, but the judges ruled against her.

The woman's colleagues heard rumours about her inclusion in a French documentary about people who earn a little on the side by providing services of a sexual nature. They went online and easily discovered a series of salacious photographs produced in the buildings of the interior ministry on the Waterloolaan in Brussels.

The ministry's director decided to suspend the woman. He reproaches her her appearance on TV as a remunerated porn actress and the fact that the pornographic pictures that she made at the ministry were posted on Twitter. The woman has been instructed to hand in her access badge and laptop. Her suspension is temporary ahead of a proper enquiry. She will continue to receive her salary for the time being.

The woman has taken her suspension to the council of state arguing that this was a private matter, but the council ruled that she had taken the risk of tainting her reputation as a result of her pornographic activities and by making images at work and distributing them on the internet.