Leuven CEO offers students a cool €15,000

A start-up business at Leuven University has hit the headlines thanks to its somewhat unorthodox method of recruiting. DataCamp is recruiting five staff from among the university's undergraduates. The new recruits don't need a diploma, but will be paid 15,000 euros each.

The daily De Standaard reports that DataCamp develops a platform that offers online courses in data analysis. The spin-off from Leuven University currently employs 22 people in Belgium and the US. The 15,000 euros is on offer to students who pack up their ambitions of acquiring a diploma. DataCamp CEO Jonathan Cornelissen believes youngsters learn on the job as long as they get the necessary guidance.

Not everybody is convinced. Fons Leroy of the Flemish employment agency insists that the better your diploma, the better your job opportunities will be: "In Flanders your level of training is important. Experience is important too but that comes in addition to a diploma and cannot replace it!”