"I am on fast train but I don't know where it's heading"

The popular Flemish TV quiz "De Slimste Mens ter Wereld" (the smartest person in the world) on the commercial channel Vier has been won by Gilles Van Bouwel. "This year has been surreal. I almost feel guilty about how well everything is going in my life", Van Bouwel, a TV celebrity, said after his victory.
Gilles Van Bouwel shows his official document stating he is the world's most clever person.

The quiz featured Flemish celebrities from the world of sports, politics, media, TV, radio etc. The grand finale yesterday saw the best 3 candidates (of a total of 40 this season) competing for victory.

28-year-old Gilles Van Bouwel proved the smartest candidate. In the play-off finale against radio presenter Eva De Roo of Studio Brussels, he made the difference by providing several keywords in connection with the term "Sisyphus" where Eva De Roo failed (see video below). The third finalist, favourite Olga Leyers, didn't make it to the play-off final with two.

"It's ridiculous how well everything is going"

Even a bigger TV celebrity after this victory, Van Bouwel can now look forward to a career in the media, on TV or on the radio. Maybe he could present a quiz himself one day? "Let's say I am on a fast train but I don't know where it's heading yet. A quiz? Why not, but I wouldn't ready for it just now."

"There were 40 candidates taking part in this quiz. At the start, you think it's impossible to win. This year was pretty surreal for me. This quiz is the icing on the cake (Van Bouwel also got a job with the TV production studio Woestijnvis, red). It's almost ridiculous how well everything is going. 2017 will have to be really brilliant to come just a little bit close."