Fog renders Flemish roads particularly treacherous

There was a foggy start to the day in many parts of Flanders and its capital today. Thick fog is a hazard for motorists. Freezing temperatures have triggered a warning for black ice on the roads.

The lack of a breeze means fog will be our lot in many parts of central and low-lying Belgium. However, bright spells are forecast for the sunny uplands of elevated Belgium. Nowhere will temperatures rise above 2°C or 35°F.

More fog and mist are forecast for Wednesday night with a light frost and the prospect of black ice that could be hazardous to drivers. After a grey start Thursday and Friday the sun should put in an appearance even in Flanders resulting in slightly higher temperatures. During the weekend temperatures rise to 5°C. That's 41°F. It will be murky with occasional drizzle.

Weathermen forecast a changeable start to the New Year with wintery showers of sleet, probably not snow, and temperatures hovering around 4°C (39°F).

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