No jail for 70-year-old who attacks video store with toy gun

A septuagenarian who attempted to raid a Bruges video store with a toy gun has been given a one year suspended sentence and has been instructed to take treatment for alcohol addiction.

It was in February of last year that the seventy-year-old stepped into a video store in the Sint-Andries district of Bruges brandishing a toy weapon in his pocket. The man first enquired about the availability of a video before pulling the gun at the check-out.

The assailant demanded cash from a frightened cashier, but when the arm suddenly made a "plastic sounding" noise the woman twigged what was happening and made this clear to the would-be gangster. The septuagenarian sped out of the store as fast as his legs would carry him. He was later identified using CCTV footage.

Police discovered it was the same man who had been convicted of breaking into his favourite pub in search of money several months earlier. He had decided to rob the pub after he had been banned on account of an unpaid ledger.