Should Belgium have stopped Anis Amri?

Footage of the Berlin terror suspect Anis Amri at the Brussels North Station only two days after the attack raises the question whether the Belgian authorities could have done more to detain him. Sofie Demeyer of VRT's crime unit says things may not be as simple as they seem at first sight!

Two days after the attack Amri is in Brussels. He roams the Brussels North Station for two hours at a time when an international arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Sofie Demeyer (photo below) explains: "The international arrest warrant immediately arrives in the Schengen information system that all EU police services have access to. All police forces are able to see that one Anis Amri is suspected of the Berlin attack."

"He could have been arrested immediately, but that could only have happened if identity checks were carried out. Had his identity been checked, then the police would have been able to see that he was wanted. At that moment nobody knew where he was hanging out. Is it feasible to carry out ID checks at all European rail stations? No, so I don't think we can criticise the Belgian police."