Airline to recruit 330 new staff

The Belgian airline TUI fly, the former Jetairfly, is looking to take on 330 new staff in time for the summer holiday season. The airline hopes to recruit 260 stewards and stewardesses on temporary contracts and 70 pilots on indefinite contracts. TUI fly says that it needs more staff as it will be offering more destinations and will be increasing the frequency of its flights to a number of existing destinations.

The temporary steward and stewardess’ contracts will run until the end of October. TUI fly’s Spokesman Piet Demeyere told VRT News that “We don’t need as many people during the winter. This is something that is typical for our industry”.

The stewards and stewardesses will follow an 8 week training course and the company will also offer them language courses.

Once the new intake has been taken on TUI fly will employ 1,150 people.

TUI fly is part of the TUI tourism group. The airline is active at all five Belgian passenger airports (Zaventem, Charleroi, Antwerp, Liège and Ostend and has 25 planes. 3.7 million people flew with TUI fly in 2015.